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PhD in Leadership

Two schools, working together for one powerful program. 

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Doctorate in Leadership Overview

如果你正在寻找一个受人尊敬和认可的研究生院,你来对地方了. In this unique doctoral program, 您将受益于两所著名学院的合作:加州管理与领导学院(CSML)和加州职业心理学院(CSPP)。. Throughout the leadership program in California, you'll explore a comprehensive lineup of theoretical, strategic, 组织研究是从两个截然不同的学科角度出发的.

How would you describe your strategic leadership style? Are you the leader you want to be? In this graduate program, you'll explore different leadership types, such as authentic, transactional, transformational, cross-cultural, and others, and will define and refine your own leadership skill and style. You'll study the cultural, organizational, and behavioral aspects of global leadership, from both a theoretical and a practical perspective. 你还将在领导力博士课程中了解到,真正伟大的领导者是如何吸引追随者的, and do their part in coaching those followers in success. 当你从博士课程毕业并获得研究生学位时, 你将进一步发展你独特的领导技能和哲学,并准备将其应用于作为组织领导者或教育领导者在世界上留下你的印记.

如果你准备好学习更多关于伟大领导的理论和应用, 这个面对面的博士课程提供了一个具有挑战性的课程,由顶级教师教授. During your PhD leadership studies, 你将与同事和同龄人一起学习和交流,他们将帮助你磨练你的领导技能,并为你做好准备,以你的榜样影响和塑造明天的领导者. 作为博士课程的学生,您将学习必要的领导技能,这将帮助您实现个人和职业目标.


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Program Highlights

Hands-on Experience

Practical Training Throughout the program. 你将在整个项目中获得实践经验. 当你了解你的领导角色和兴趣的特定领域, 您可以将这些知识应用到您自己组织中的实际项目中, working on consulting projects, or solving real issues for partner organizations.

Cohort Model

一个协作的环境,为您提供了充足的机会,网络和发展有意义的关系, gain valuable insights, 与有相似兴趣和目标的人一起提高你的领导能力. 

Increased Impact

By networking within your cohort, 你将分享宝贵而独特的经验和见解,这将提高你在战略领导方面的专业知识. This education and experience, where you explore various educational leadership courses, visions, skills, models and methods, 使您能够在组织发展和社会变革中产生强大的影响.

Accelerated Timeline

一个加速的时间表允许在三到四年内完成高级领导课程. You'll begin with two years of leadership studies and coursework, then move on to your dissertation research, which typically takes one to two years to complete. 因为课程是在晚上和周末,你可以一边工作一边学习.

Practical Training (CPT)

实践培训是必需的,目的是通过各种工作和学习经验,包括监督的实践培训和/或应用客户项目,在学生的项目中发展专业和应用实践相关的技能和专业知识. Learn More


研究生课程由商学院和课程认证委员会或ACBSP认证, 一个备受尊敬的认证机构,在全国范围内被认可为商业教育领域的领导权威. 


学院的教职员工都是各自领域中最具资历和经验的人. 他们将全球领导力和实践知识独特地结合到课堂上, 培养博士生在不同行业和部门的组织发展相关技能. 


A Message from the Program Director

Cory Scott加州管理与领导学院助理教授兼项目主任



Learn About Admissions Requirements 




Get to Know Our Diverse Faculty 



Doctoral Degree Information

Curricular Practical Training (CPT)

博士课程的学生需要参加课程实践训练,作为整个课程体验学习的一部分. 实践培训旨在通过各种工作和学习经历,包括有监督的实践培训和/或应用客户项目,在学生的项目中发展专业和应用实践相关的技能和专业知识. 这是整个学术课程从第一天开始到课程完成的要求. 国内学生可以直接联系CSML专业发展(CPD)协调员进行指导. 国际学生必须向指定学校官员(DSO)申请课程实践培训授权。.


CSML CPT Application Process for International Students

  1. Obtain a job offer letter from your employer. The offer letter needs the following: 
    1. To be on company letterhead  
    2. Start and end date. (例如:CPT开始日期为10/17/22,结束日期为08/20/2023) 
    3. 包括具体职责,办公地点,直接主管姓名和联系电话. 
    4. State that it is a part-time position 
    5. 包括以下声明:“雇主同意与学校合作,以达到就业/培训的课程目的” 
  2. 完成CPT申请和CPT导师验证表. These forms are located on the student portal: 
  3. 将您的录取通知书和两份表格通过电子邮件发送给您在Alliant的项目主任/教师顾问. 
  4. Once they have signed the forms, please follow up and email  The DSO is the one who will give you the authorization to start working. 
  5. Also, if it is your first time in the USA, 你需要去社会保障局办公室取得一个社会安全号码, this process can take 2 or more weeks. 你的雇主需要你的社会安全号码才能让你工作. So please start the process as soon as possible. 各地社会保障局办公地址见: 


加州管理与领导力学院(CSML)的领导力博士课程获得了商学院和项目认证委员会(ACBSP)的认证, doctorate in business administration (DBA), MBA, and MS in data analytics programs.

ACBSP认证证明CSML课程中提供的教学和学习过程符合该认证机构制定的严格教育标准, 哪个是全国领先的商业教育专业认证机构. ACBSP的使命是通过对全球商业教育项目的认可,促进持续改进和认可教学质量. Learn more here.


Links and Downloads

School Performance Fact Sheet  


Frequently Asked Questions


What should I expect the dissertation process to be like?

领导力博士学位的论文过程将占据你课程的最后一年半. Starting in your 11th term, 你将首先开始你的论文工作,同时完成你的领导实习. Then from your 12th term, through your final 18th term, you will focus solely on the research, development, 在学术评审委员会的最终报告之前完成论文. 博士论文占该项目60个学分中的12个, and is done at the rate of a single dissertation class per term, starting at Term 11.


What scholarship and financial aid options are available to me?

私立和公立奖学金可以帮助你支付教育费用, Alliant为我们的许多学生提供机构奖学金. Learn more about these scholarship opportunities here. 对于那些符合贷款条件的人,可以获得额外的经济援助, grants, federal work study, and military aid. Learn more in our Financial Options Guide.


When does the PhD in Leadership degree program start?

领导力课程是一个为期八周的课程,在每个相应的注册期间开放注册. You can find a copy of our eight-week term academic calendar here.


How long does it take to complete the degree program?

博士学位是一个60学分的项目,通常需要三年才能完成, across 18 terms. 

如果你准备好接受领导理论的高等教育, 我们的大学将教你未来职业所需的技能. Whether you choose our in-person or online program, 我们可以保证您将通过由我们的顶级教师教授的具有挑战性的课程学习适用的核心课程. 我们核心课程中的一些领导力研究涉及组织领导力, education leadership, cross cultural and international management, and ethics in organizations. At Alliant we provide our students with the skills, knowledge, 以及他们在未来担任领导角色时所需要的信心.

Alliant student testimonial


Leila Naderi
PhD in Leadership Alumna

Why Alliant

At Alliant, 我们的使命是让学生为服务和领导的职业生涯做好准备,并促进知识的发现和应用,以改善生活. We offer an education that is accredited, focused on practical knowledge and skills, connected with diverse faculty and alumni, and aimed at the student experience.

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CSML是一所商业管理学院,培养你在技术和定量领域的竞争优势. CSML offers management and leadership degrees where you can learn to guide and mentor the next generation of professionals and make your mark as an innovator in the modern business world.


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